Palaise de Mahe Pondicherry

    Ideally located in Pondicherry’s White Town, this boutique hotel by CGH Earth is one of the most charming and highly sought-after properties in town. Its characteristic yellow and white façade holds 18 luxury suites overlooking a swimming pool, along with an Ayurveda spa and terrace restaurant well-known for its delectable pan-seared fish.

    3.5 Hours from Chennai

    Nearest Airport: Chennai (3.5 Hrs drive) | Nearest Railway Station: Pondicherry (10 mins drive)

    Ideal for: Families and Design Lovers




    CGH Earth are one of the pioneers of responsible tourism in India. They craft experiences that pay homage to local resources, drawing inspiration from the people and cultures of the region. Palais De Mahe sources most of its products within a 50-mile radius and its design stays true to the heritage of this charming city.


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    *Photo Credit: Palaise de Mahe,Pondicherry