Swaswara Gokarna

    CGH Earth’s eco-resort nestled on a quiet corner of Om beach in Gokarna, SwaSwara offers an escape from city life with a variety of spa treatments and programs tailored for individual needs. Whether you want a quick wellness weekend or an extensive three-week Ayurveda detox, this is the place to recalibrate and reconnect.

    There’s a meditation deck with endless views of the sea, an art studio to kindle the creative spirit within you, and a team of chefs, doctors, therapists and artists to guide you through your journey. Browse through this page for a selection of some of the finest experiences offered at this property. Book a private consultation with us to customize your trip.




    CGH Earth are one of the pioneers of responsible tourism in India. They craft experiences that pay homage to local resources, drawing inspiration from the people and cultures of the region. SwaSwara works closely with the local community and has instituted ecologically sound practices at the property, including waste composting.


    Orange Line?

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    *Photo Credit: CGH Earth